Second trimester: finally starting to feel good at 15 weeks!

doulas and diapers


Finally, I am starting to feel better! I haven’t been sick once this week for the first time in months! I also am getting back to my old eating patterns. I typically am a healthy eater and make very thoughtful choices. I have also been a pescatarian for the last 10 years. However, the first trimester of pregnancy threw everything I knew into chaos. Salads, which I usually love, I could not stomach. Light meals full of vegetables sounded awful to me. I craved cheese, french fries, nachos, bread, donuts, pastries, and I even started eating meat occasionally. I was so sick so I basically just ate whatever sounded good or at least edible at the time. I also figured out quickly that if I ate what I thought would be healthy, but it didn’t sound good, it was a sure fire recipe for getting sick. I have noticed this…

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