September Clean Eats Sweeps: Week 3

Rosehip Hoop Dance & Healing

Ok, so how did week 3 go? Well, pretty good since I lost two pounds. Down to 133 pounds now, yipee! As this challenge moves forward, I notice that I’m actually feeling a little more competitive and am more interested in the actual weight loss part of this than I was to begin with. I’ve found that tracking my food intake in the MyFitnessPal app has been really enlightening – when I was doing it. I have lost traction on that because I didn’t make time for it for a couple of days, then I never went back to doing it. I’m going to start again today and do it for the next 5 days to finish off the challenge. It is super helpful for education around how many calories are in the foods I’ve been eating. I always read labels so I have a good understanding of the nutritional…

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