The Willow Does Not Weep

Love Responds

world under weeping willow

The weeping willow grows by the lake.
It stands tall, but has the graceful slump to it.
The branches flowing over and out,
Like a fountain of green love from Earth.

I have sat under that willow tree many times.
I find my peace there under those flowing branches.
My spirit speaks to me clearly with love here.
I become the soul that I know I am.

Sitting with my back to the trunk,
I am in my own world – barriers green on brown lines.
I throw my pebbles in to see what shall happen,
The ripples take off and leave from my world.

Willow Ripples

It seems once I was carried to this willow tree.
I was blessed with the help of a protector
Who held me as I rested and healed, and I for him,
As we sat in our world protected with love.

This willow tree does not…

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