Weight Management: The Basics

Legacy Health Solutions


Whenever there is an issue of abnormal weight, people look either to increase or decrease their weight. We would say that, it is not as complicated as many think. There are few basic concepts which every individual needs to know. Based on these, further analysis and management can be undertaken.

–          Check if any hormonal imbalances are there.

–          Check if sedentary life style or over activity is causing abnormalities in weight.

–          Check if you are sleeping more than required usually.

If any of the above is there, then they need to be addressed separately.

Remember this formula

Nutrients Stored (In the body) = Nutrients consumed – Nutrients utilized.

Therefore, to increase or decrease the stored nutrients, accordingly you can increase or decrease the consumption and utilization. That is the root for thought for diet modification and work outs.

–          Do not target massive weight loss or massive weight…

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