103 Days and I’m NOT a SuperModel


Or just a regular model….

Or even a hand model….

Seriously, I’m not.

I see pictures of singers, actresses and models that are really fit, and I always say “sure, if I didn’t have to work a ‘regular’ job, I could have a body like a that too”…. turns out it’s not that simple.   Who the f*ck knew?

From June 13th until yesterday, I wasn’t working.  I was blissfully relaxed laid off from my shitty job, and the summer isn’t the best time to find work quickly.  Everyone is on vacation.

That left me with 103 days to devote myself to getting fit, eating clean, drinking Shakeology, losing weight, running, being active, lifting weights, performing dips with my triceps, isolation curls with my biceps and side arm lifts with my shoulders.  I could spend my mornings doing push-ups (military, standard, wide arm and decline) and my afternoons doing squats…

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