A New Kind of Butternut Squash Lasagna

Cook Like No One's Watching

Yes, fall is upon us. Leaves are turning, Halloween candy has been on the shelves for about six weeks now, and there’s pumpkin spice flying around everywhere. We always get excited about this time of year at work because we get to bust out all of our favorite pumpkin recipes: roulade, cheesecake crumble squares, cannolis, pie. Hooray for the gourds of autumn.

As a baker, refined carbohydrates are my livelihood. If people did not crave sweet baked treats, I would not have a job. But at the same time, as someone who knows how to cook and tries very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I realize that white flour is basically the devil. There, I’ve said it. I’m a hypocrite. It’s a tug of war that I live on a daily basis, but for me it boils down to this: although these foods are basically responsible for our modern…

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