Baxter Hollow, A hidden Treasure in the Baraboo Hills

Breadcrumbs in the Wisconsin Woods

It’s July and the summer heat is pressed upon us.  Days of relaxing under the catalpa sipping cool lemonade.  My refuge on those hot days when every piece of clothing sticks to your skin and the air hangs heavy. 

Today the sky is clear.  The blue is electrifying shocking my inner soul.  It is a great day to hike in the cool shade of Baxter Hollow.  Few people venture to this nature preserve.  Only a stones throw from Devil’s Lake yet you can walk for miles without seeing  a single person.  If you want a morning hike to collect your thoughts without the crowds this is the place.  If you are driving from Sauk City you take Hwy 12 out of the city and follow it to Badger ammunition.  On the other side of the plant turn left on Hwy C and drive for about 1.4 miles.  Then turn right on Stones Pocket…

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