Chest and triceps…oh triceps

A 6 keg to a 6 pack!

Positive energy all day today! Work has been annoying of late so I’ve decided that as soon as I step foot out of the office I forget those feelings and get in the mind set of workout! On the drive to the gym I couldn’t wait to get there and get started…I wonder how long this feeling will last but for now..I’m loving it!

It was chest & triceps tonight and I did…

Wide stance push ups 3×10 

Barbell bench press 3×12 (20kg)

Incline dumbbell flyes 3×12 (7.5kg)

Overhead triceps extensions 3×12 (10kg)

Triceps pull downs 3×12 (11.25kg)

After the triceps overheads I honestly thought I couldn’t lift my arms to my head! It was great but boy did it hurt. It feels so good to be back in the driving seat with working out and the clean eating has continued today. Although I did forget to eat my afternoon…

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