Confessions of a reformed nail-biter and the travails of a Mother whose child starts to bite their nails.


I confess, I used to bite my nails. I should probably add to that the fact that I bit my nails until I was 10. I bit my fingernails and when I ran out of fingernails I bit my toenails! Gross I know, but don’t forget I was still flexible enough to inch my big toes towards my mouth. I don’t know how I managed but it seemed easy at the time. My long-suffering Mum who is very fastidious about hygiene and made sure our nails were always cut short obviously wanted me to stop this bad habit but she never nagged. She used to take my sister and I along when she had her nails done and I would beg for a manicure and pedicure to no avail (I was too young she said). Well, she promised me that if I stopped biting my fingernails, I would be treated…

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