Farmers Market Okra Wok Fried!

ZEN LIFE ~ all things good for the earth~

Here we go with the dreaded okra conversation. I grew up not very fond of the poor veggie. We all thought it was, well just nasty.

As an adult I have come to realize it was one of the most disrespected veggies trying to grow and shine it’s lil light, only to get turned into a sad slimy dish not many wanted to eat.

WELL I PrONOUNCE to the the whole world, ( wait for it) I love, love, love OKRA, I cannot get enough of it!!!

Why, because I learned how to cook it.
Just slice and toss with oil in a very hot pan, add fav spices and sea salt and you are good to go!


FYI. Did you know okra could also save a life, the sticky okra stuff is kinda like the plasma in a human, so if you get stabbed or shot or are bleeding…

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