Girl’s Always Got Time for Pizza


What’s up with this whole twenty four hours in a day thing? How come we can’t all commit to 25? Why didn’t the universe offer us 26 of them instead?

Ohhhh yeahhhI mean, isn’t it kind of unfair that we’re allotted 8 hours for sleeping, roughly 3 hours to spend on eating, and are then left with a measly 13 for completing every single productive thing that we must do during the day? That generally offers up 7 hours for working, 2 hours for working out (and then showering afterwards–hello??), and then I’m left with what, 3 subsequent hours?

Mmm, not quite. Surely one of those hours is spent in transit to and from my place(s) of work and another one of those precious hours is spent texting, sexting, surfing around Facebook, scrolling through my Instagram feed, keeping up-to-date on Twitter, and of course gathering wedding, home decorating and drool-worthy cooking…

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