Grapes and Nuts Smoothie Bowl


Good morning my dear readers, I hope you are all well on this beautiful Thursday morning. In today’s recipe I have used the ingredient I have probably never used before – grapes, and I must say it is super delicious, especially when combined with some nuts and NUTRISSLIM Superfoods cacao nibs 🙂 


– 1 cup kefir

– 1 dcl hazelnut milk

– 1 cup grapes

– 1 nectarine

– 1 tbsp NUTRISSLIM Superfoods Bio Cacao Nibs

– 1 tbsp NUTRISSLIM Superfoods Alfalfa Seeds

– a dash of cayenne pepper (optional)

– a handful of mixed nuts

NUTRISSLIM Superfoods Bio Mulberries



Blend all the ingredients, except for nuts, alfalfa seeds and mulberries, which you use as a topping.

Enjoy your smoothie bowl and have a nice day 😉



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