Healthy “dessert”? Yes, please! How about Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins!

Just Makin' Do

I came across this recipe as a post from a friend on Facebook.  I happen to have everything on hand, so I tried it out.  I had my 9 year old daughter make the first batch.  They turned out great, except that she had to pour sprinkles on top.  Kind of ruined it for me.  So the next day, I made another batch.  Admittedly, I was a little distracted while getting the ingredients ready.  First, I realized that the batter was too thick.  Oh yeah, forgot the water.  Added it in.  Then it looked too thin.  Oh well, baked them up anyway.  Took them out and they were a bit stickier than the first time around.  Huh, whatever.  So I took them out of the baking pan and my husband popped one in his mouth.  He made a funny face and I asked him what was wrong.  Uh, honey, I…

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