Healthy Eating For Busy Moms

Loren Gasser

I have a few different tips I’d like to share about healthy eating and being a busy mom!

1. So, the common problem moms face, whether we have a job outside the home or not is what to have for dinner! It seems like it’s so much easier to just eat something unhealthy and quick than to take the time to prepare a good healthy meal for ourselves and our family. Well, I found an amazing solution that I should’ve come up with a long time ago! I met a wonderful lady named Elly at a networking group I visited and she’s a rep for a company called Wildtree. If you’re not familiar with Wildtree, they sell food mixes, seasonings, sauces, etc that are all free of chemicals and preservatives. She told me about a meal-planning party she offers and I said “sign me up!” So, a few friends and…

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