How (and why) to eat RAW – with the Raw Food Sisters

The Modern Mother's Holy Grail


Every now and then, you stumble across women who really floor you. Their attitude, outlook and way in which they live their lives knock you straight off your Choos. They make you question just what the hell you have been doing with yourself.

The Raw Food Sisters – Julie and Katrin are the perfect example. Just two stunningly-beautiful vegans from Sweden who are absoutley devoted to health, helping others and raw food. That’s right RAW.

If you’ve been stuck in the laundry with your head in the dryer for the past year, you will have missed this new eating phenomena. It requires NOT cooking; so that may spark your interest.

Whilst many may disregard the notion as a passing fad, the Raw Food Sisters really make you sit up and listen. They are inspiring, generous souls who happily let me grill them on how to eat raw food and why…

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