How to Think About Losing Weight and Actually Doing it!


Of course it’s easy to ‘think’ about losing weight.. isn’t it? I think about losing weight all the time, getting to the losing part is a lot harder than just thinking, but I bet you all knew that already. 

Recently, I began my journey to weight loss and it is hard! Not only is it hard because I LOVE to eat, but it’s hard because I scroll through my Facebook feed to see people, young people, receiving gastric bypass surgery, Liposuction, and lap bands. What happened to exercising and eating right? Do these people that get these procedures done even TRY to get fit by working towards their goals on their own? Sometimes it may be necessary, but not as much as it is being done, I can assure that. 

Personally, I have told the little white lie to my doctor when in the office complaining that I have been…

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