In 350 words or less…..

Today, I had an interesting conversation with a friend. She will probably hang me for this, but I felt strong enough about it to start a new column. Plus it’s my blog, I can write about what I want.

She asked me questions about the new healthcare insurance marketplace that will begin open enrollment next month. She was excited about how it might save her mother a ton of money, because she has a long list of pre-existing conditions. But then, she doubles back and says that she hates Obamacare. So, I’m like, what? She hates Obamacare because she hates Obama. And I’m like, ok, I understand, I do. Also, I am not here to support or defend Obamacare. My point is this type of disparity and inconsistency carries over to the policy makers. I know you are like, duh, what’s new? It’s the nature of politicians and of…

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