Movie Review: 200 Pounds Beauty

The Fairy Tale Paradox

For those who haven’t watched the Korean romance film, 200 Pounds Beauty, I highly suggest you do [Click here to watch].

**Caution this totally contains spoilers**

For those who have watched it already, but do not remember, here is a re-cap (and if you just watched it, just jump to the next paragraph). The movie is about a young woman named Hanna, who has a beautiful voice but was obese and was considered to be unattractive. As a result, she was paid to talk to people on the phone and sing behind a curtain for a woman who was considered beautiful and she became instantly famous.  So in many ways, she was paid to be heard, not seen. One night she discovers that the man she was in love with was only using her for her beautiful voice. After a failed suicide attempt, Hannah blackmails a plastic surgeon, an…

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