Oat Pancakes

Kate's hungry

Oat Pancakes

Pancakes. dfkdsfiurjsdkfjkdjfdsfkj. Thats what they make me feel when I am around them. They seduce me, leave me unhinged, and I could probably eat at least 10 of them. Pancakes, brownies, cake, bread, all things I know no limit for.  And after I’m done, I am lethargic and rendered speechless. (Ask my sister about the  San Francisco Boudine sourdough debacle of 2010, I ate the entire loaf and literally couldn’t speak. Anyways…) This applies to traditional pancakes at least, but these puppies are vastly different. Just one of them and I am completely content, which is no small feat. This is probably because they are exponentially healthier, therefore have many more nutrients.

I have been making these for quite some time, but never shared them with anyone because I thought that maybe they were only understood by my ahem, unique palate. The first person I did share them with was…

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