Operation Green Juice

It's All Good

I started the morning with the best green juice known to humankind, according to Gwen. Yes, you read that correctly. The best green juice. She says in her cookbook that drinking it will make me glow, energize me beyond belief, prepare me for the great adventures of the day.

It was potent. She says to throw all of the ingredients in your juicer. In lieu of a juicer, use your powerful blender. I ended up using my blender and the blades barely moved (it is my regular blender, I have not yet purchased the super powered, mortgage required blender from NASA that Gwen recommends in her book ). So, lightbulb moment, I threw it all into my super duper food processor to break it down and then blended it, and then strained it. Operation: Green Juice. End result: green juice. Notice that I am leaving out the “best” descriptor.


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