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clinging to the wagon

I do not like the word ‘diet’.  If you were referring to any other animal in nature, diet would mean: foodnormally consumed in its natural environment.  When we describe the diet of bears, we think fish, berries, and an occasional hunter.  How about the cute little Panda Bear whose diet consists of bamboo leaves and nothing but bamboo leaves.  I know my flowers are a favorite of the local deer family.  Humans no longer occupy a ‘normal’ environment.  We have come in from the wild and no longer have to hunt and gather to survive. When humans refer to diet, there is nothing normal about it.  Most of the time, we use the phrase “on a diet” instead of having a diet.  We picture ‘rice cakes’ (what part looks like a cake anyways?), carrots and celery, and some pre-portioned microwaveable cocktail of food.  “Diets” are restrictive: things you…

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