Recipe: Greek Style Shredded Chicken

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Greek Style Shredded Chicken

I recently tried out the Hello Fresh delivery service and, although their customer service left a lot to be desired, I got some cracking recipes out of it.

I don’t really like chicken. That’s a lie. I like it in a curry or from the chicken shop, but generally I don’t really eat it and when I do I’ll cook thighs.
I just find it a bit boring, dry. Give me prawns, pork or beef over chicken any day.

However this recipe I quite enjoyed as it meant not only that I ate chicken, but that I included other vegetables I wouldn’t normally eat. Like aubergine. Aubergine just reminds me of Roald Dahl’s BFG, where he called it snozcumber! It has that tendency to go brown if you don’t eat it straight away so this recipe is perfect as you use a whole one for 2 servings so not wastage.

Each serving…

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