Recipe: Naan

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If you’ve ever gone out for Indian food, you’ve probably had naan, that chewy, addicting flatbread. It has been on my mind to try and make naan myself — I figured it couldn’t be too different from making “tortillas” with pizza dough. Luckily, Sprouted Kitchen has this recipe, which walked me through the naan-making process.


Despite having some difficulty with pan temperature, the naan was easy to make and turned out well. Cumin adds depth of flavor, and butter (traditionally ghee) brushed on the warm bread complements it nicely. I found it interesting that yogurt and milk act as leaveners, rather than yeast. Who knew?

The naan was delicious with our falafel and baba ganoush (cuisine-mixing, I know! But delicious). It would work well as a bread substitute for sandwiches, dipped into yogurt sauce, or eaten alongside a nice Indian curry or dal.

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