what to do when your world turns dark

Cry. Let the waves of heartbreak wash over you. Let your body shake to its very core with gut wrenching sobs until your ribs hurt and your every limb is exhausted.

Crawl into bed. Close the curtains and turn off the lights. Sit with the pain until your retched heart cannot take another moment of it.

Drag yourself out of bed and make yourself some food.  Something that requires a little time and effort and that is healthy and wholesome – something to keep your mind and mouth busy. No Mr Delivery allowed.

Watch a funny movie or series. I recommend the British comedy The Inbetweeners. The entire series.  It will make you laugh even when you thought you had no sun or smiles or happiness left inside you.

Sleep. If you can’t, take medication. I’m being serious.  There is no point in wasting good hours on sleeplessness…

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