Whole Foods vs. Refined Foods

Krystal Ross, BS.

I often get the question, “Krystal, what the heck is a refined food?!”  Well, here’s the answer!

A refined food is processed and man-made. It is void of essential enzymes, trace elements and vital nutrients found in whole foods.  Enzymes and nutrients work synergistically in the body. Therefore, refined foods lack the necessary co-factors needed to digest, absorb and metabolize them, which leads to digestive problems, allergies, sensitivities and several other complications.  Refined foods also DEPLETE nutrients in the body!  In addition, other harmful, artificial ingredients are added to refined foods, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG),  flavors, colors, dyes, preservatives, hydrogenated oils (damaged fats), fillers, and artificial sweeteners.  Most likely, the “food” is wrapped in several layers of plastic, cardboard, and/or foil, and it didn’t exist until after 1903 when the hydrogenation process was  invented. Examples include: boxed cereals (packed with sugar & the cardboard has more nutrition than the cereal!), chips, cookies, crackers, pasta, bread, etc.

The refined grain –…

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