Young and Poor: The Costs of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

Unless you’re well-to-do, your early to mid-20’s most likely consists of scheming to live on the cheap.

You’re pinching pennies everywhere, from grocery bills to mark downs at the department store.

But saving money when you’re bipolar can be especially hard.


Psychiatrist appointments, therapy appointments, prescription co-pays, and general practitioner costs from effects of bipolar medication can really put a dent in one’s pocketbook.

Especially when that bipolar person doesn’t have insurance.

Here I break down some of the costs that I incur as a 24 year old with bipolar disorder without access to insured health care.

These are just some of the costs that a young bipolar individual might incur, not including potential hospital visits and missed work days.

Psychiatric Appointments

I have been seeing the same psychiatrist since I was in high school, so after I was dropped from my parents’ insurance after getting married, my p-doc…

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