Phone radiation reducer reduces the radiation emitted from Android mobile phones. All mobile phones emit radio waves. When they are in stand by mode the phones are constantly connected to mobile network operator cells receiving and sending information about the cell that they are connected to.

Phone radiation reducerPhone radiation reducer

During a conversation the radio waves are stronger and more powerful. These radio waves are affecting the whole organism and when accumulated they are cancerous and very dangerous

It,s certain that the reducing of these radio waves would decrease the health risk.

The radio waves are dangerous when;
– during a conversation (then they are stronger and closer to the brain)
– directly in stand by mode (when the phone is in your pocket close to the heart or other important organs)
– indirectrly in stand by mode (when you are in a public place or in a building with a lot of people having a mobile phone – then the waves accumulate)

How does radiation reducing works?
The strength of the signal received is being measured and then the less power possible that allows a conversations, internet surfing etc is calculated.
Like that if we spend more time in the cities or other places where the range is stronger, our phones can save up to 70% of the radio waves they are emitting. The better the range, the best is the radio waves reducing.
p.s You can find a lot of information in the net if you search for phone radiation or see interesting videos about frying an egg with mobile phone.

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