I Am Scared.

S. JaimieLee Torres

It’s funny how when your young you feel invincible.  You walk around without a care in the world. Nothing bad will happen to me. Nothing. Until you’re pooping blood, then the whole world begins to spiral uncontrollably. After stool, blood, urine samples, after being checked internally and with cat-scan all that can be said is, “It can be a viral infection, it could be colon cancer”. Colon cancer? Isn’t that for old men? Doing research I find out that young women in their twenties can have it also. How do I feel? Scared as hell. I don’t know what to do. I need answers. I need to know if it is viral or cancerous. I need the answers the men and women in the ER could not give me. All they could tell me confidently was that I do have an Ovarian Cyst. OK. Cool. But that is not a…

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