Is Honesty the Best Policy? Take Two


Beware! This is ranty. Skip if you don’t want a rant.

A quick update on my DVT situation first of all – aching armpit persists and in fact got a bit worse, but today is improving slightly. My hand is still a slightly different colour but swelling seems to have eased. The highly attractive old lady varicose stylee veins across my shoulder are still there too. Doesn’t show up too well on photos from iPhone, but I’ve included one anyway.

Back to the task in hand; is honesty the best policy? I got to thinking about this whilst in hospital. I started this blog to keep family and friends up to speed with how I am getting on. It seems people love to see cancer patients cracking on with life and almost pretending like it isn’t happening, but whilst being told I had a second potentially life threatening situation going…

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