The Reason for Vegan

A Vegan Home Companion

Vegan. A word typically synonymous with misery, deprivation, and general unhappiness for many. “I could totally live on a diet of lettuce and tofu,” said no one ever. It’s my hope to shed a sliver of light onto the yumminess of a creative whole foods plant-based diet.

I fell into the world of veganism through my parents. They’ve been health nuts for as long as I can remember. We never had soda or dessert or candy around the house growing up. We never went out to eat a whole lot, and a pilgrimage to Taco Bell was considered a special treat every couple of weeks. We were those weirdos! And I will wave that flag proudly. Despite the “treats” we didn’t have, we were also the family that had 5 gallons of Purity Dairy Sweet Acidophilus milk delivered on our front door step at 5am one morning a week, back…

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