The Myth About Breakfast and Weight – Writing Tools


The Myth About Breakfast and Weight - Writing Tools

I remember growing up, my mother would always go on rant’s about how important it is to eat breakfast. It was as if it was just a known fact. It was known as the most important meal of the day because it helped stimulate your metabolism and stopped you from over eating later on during the day. However, new research shows that this popular myth stems from misconstrued studies. According to some new trials that were published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, missing breakfast has little to zero effect on weight gain. It was actually noted that people who in fact do eat breakfast consume more calories during the day than someone who skips the early meal. It was also very interesting to see that the only long-term study conducted on this case was 21 years ago in 1992. Randomly assigned people were told to either eat or…

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